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By Kevin O'Keefe, LexBlog CEO & Founder

LexBlog Upgrading its AI Enabled Publishing Platform for Professionals

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LexBlog is upgrading its AI enabled publishing platform for professionals.

Wednesday morning I got a glimpse of what LexBlog could do in adding AI features via the WordPress block editor.

This morning I saw the features running – in test – on the LexBlog platform.

Features may or may not be the right word as we’re talking about how we present OpenAI’s ChatGPT to professionals as part of AI enabled publishing, altogether.

Colin O’Keefe, our Director of Products, provided a nice summary last night on “Where we’re at on AI – and where we’re headed.” Read the whole piece, I am sharing excerpts.

To get our first rev done quickly and put it in user’s hands so we could start learning how bloggers want to use AI in publishing, we started simple.

Prompt ChatGPT for a title to a post you’ve written, a summary to be shared in LinkedIn, example Tweets, a bulleted list of items to cover etc.


Our beta users will soon be able to just hit the backslash key and then an “ai” button and it will call up options for blocks utilizing our AI Assist. 

An example without AI enabled blocks yet:


We’re also building building some purpose specific AI publishing tasks.

For example, what points the user would want to make sure to cover in a post with the title they provided.


Leveraging open – OpenAI’s ChatGPT’s API and WordPress, the largest open-source content management system in the world – LexBlog, as the leading turnkey publishing platform for legal, can really open things up in AI assisted publishing. And do so, quickly.

Stay tuned.