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By Kevin O'Keefe, LexBlog CEO & Founder

My Work

I’m the CEO and founder of LexBlog, a family owned business in its twentieth year, providing legal organizations, worldwide, a professional turnkey blogging solution and related digital publishing solutions.

I started this blog, my second following first blog, Real Lawyers Have Blogs, because of my keen interest in AI in publishing.

My goal in blogging on AI is to learn as much as I can so as to provide writers, particularly legal bloggers, an effective and enjoyable AI enabled writing platform.

Not to supplant the art of writing and journalism but to provide writers and journalists – “the artists” – with a tool to make their work product more powerful.

LexBlog charted the course on legal blogging by providing lawyers and law firms everything they need to be successful.

Strategic consulting, professional design, hosting, blog coaching, marketing, custom email notifications, free support and syndication across a global network.

LexBlog is blessed to serve over 30,000 lawyers, today, from solos to the largest firm in each the United States, India and China.

Our guaranty has been a lynchpin since the get go and allowed us to succeed when no one believed in blogging.

If you aren’t satisfied with blogging at the end of a year, let us know what sum of money you think is a fair refund.

We wear our values on our sleeves in all we do.

Care  – We care for others on our team and for those we are honored to serve.

Competition – We achieve a level of professional excellence in all we do, individually and as an organization. 

Ownership –  We define the work required to be done in our role and own it going forward. 

Engagement –  We engage others online and offline to learn, build trust, build relationships & realize our potential.

Fun – Care, competition, professional excellence and fun are not mutually exclusive – they run hand in hand. 

Fitness – Physical and mental fitness enable us to live these values and achieve our personal & professional goals.

LexBlog’s platform and services are free of charge to non-profits, law schools, law students and academics.

More recently, we’ve begun backing the Open Legal Blog Archive, which is archiving all credible legal blogs world-wide, for purposes of research, citation and syndication.