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By Kevin O'Keefe, LexBlog CEO & Founder

LexBlog’s AI Assisted Publishing Platform is Up, We’re Looking for Testers

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LexBlog customer using our blogging and publishing platform?

We’re looking for testers of our AI assisted publishing and blogging platform.

Go here to sign up.

LexBlog moved quickly to begin experimenting with the integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into the LexBlog platform.

Though still in testing, we’re excited to make AI assisted publishing available and accessible to users in the post editor section on LexBlog’s current platform.

Users of ChatGPT will find the user experience on LexBlog to be a similar, yet tailored, one.

You may ask questions of ChatGPT, such as:

  • Can you draft a background paragraph on the NLRB?”
  • Can you share possible niche blog posts for my blog, describing your niche – or niche blogs, themselves, which would focus on a particular business or social area I am considering growing a book of business.
  • Or to produce items “off the post” itself—such as “Can you provide me possible title options for this post?” or “Can you share possible tweets for this post?” Or can you shorten this post for a LinkedIn summary I will share on LinkedIn.

Understand, our AI assisted publisher remains in implementation.

Kudos to my products and develop teams on getting things up and rolling.

In addition to responding to your feedback, they’ll now look to stretch the legs of WordPress’s Block Editor by building AI-assisted blocks, such as adding a relevant header directly into to your post, cleaning up a paragraph and a number of other items.

We’re now open for applications to join our beta. Again, you can sign up if their interested and we’ll get you on the waiting list to have the AI publisher available on your site.