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By Kevin O'Keefe, LexBlog CEO & Founder

Insider Media Pilot Program on Use of ChatGPT in Publishing a Good Model for Law Firms

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Insider’s Global Editor-In-Chief, Nich Carlson, has encouraged reporters, editors, and producers to use generative AI, specifically ChatGPT, to assist them with writing stories and completing packages.

As reported by Axios, Carlson explained in a memo that he had experimented with ChatGPT and found it helpful in brainstorming ideas, researching for assignments, and preparing for interviews.

The ChatGPT effort at Insider will tap a pilot group of staffers to “experiment with ChatGPT as a word processing aid and report back to the rest of us.”

Carlson lays out a nice model, detailed in depth in the story, for law firms and their blogging/publishing efforts.

No one is contesting that ChatGPT will become a valuable word processing aid in blogging, if it is not already.

The key is putting together a teaching and adoption program, through use of ChatGPT.

Some lawyers are off and running with ChatGPT in their blogging. For those firms who are not and have concerns about confidentiality, accuracy and more, a pilot group of bloggers on, perhaps, an AI assisted blogging program would be a good fit.