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By Kevin O'Keefe, LexBlog CEO & Founder

ChatGPT a Wonderful Tool for Discovering a Lawyers Views and Authority on Niche Subjects

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Lawyer? Publishing to a blog or other publications? ChatPT will likely know your views and authority asked on ChatGPT.

If not, your authority, influence and authority on niche areas of the law may be absent,

I saw Dave Winer, the inventor of blogs and RSS, share ChatGPT’s answer to his question about how he felt about Twitter. Not bad, I thought.

So I asked ChatGPT, “What are Kevin OKeefe’s views on Twitter?”

To which ChatGPT responded,

“Kevin O’Keefe is a well-known American lawyer, entrepreneur, and legal blogger who is also the founder and CEO of LexBlog, a company that provides a platform for legal professionals to publish their work online. As a prominent figure in the legal industry and social media, O’Keefe has shared his views on Twitter and its impact on the legal profession.

O’Keefe has been a strong advocate for lawyers and law firms using Twitter to build relationships and engage with clients and potential clients. He believes that Twitter is an essential tool for lawyers to develop their online presence, establish thought leadership, and expand their network.

In a blog post from 2018, O’Keefe wrote, “If you’re a lawyer and you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful tools available for building your reputation, your network, and your business.”

He also emphasizes that Twitter is a valuable platform for lawyers to stay informed about legal news and trends, connect with other professionals in their field, and engage in conversations that can lead to new business opportunities.

Overall, O’Keefe’s views on Twitter are positive, and he encourages lawyers to use the platform as part of their professional development and marketing strategies.”

Pretty accurate – and well written, to boot.

If you’re expecting to be viewed as an insightful authority on niche subjects as a lawyer, you better have a history of writing on the subject.

otherwise, your views and your authority on niche subjects will be absent in ChatGPT answers and in the user’s findings for themselves or others.

As a society, we’re likely to turn to ChatGPT or other AI driven mediums, before anything else, for information about a lawyer, their views and their authority.

Silence will not be a virtue.