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By Kevin O'Keefe, LexBlog CEO & Founder

AI Means Exciting Possibilities in Access to Legal Services

Hands raised

Bill Gates blogged last week that the “The Age of AI Has Begun.”

Gates highlighted the many ways AI is already being used, from voice assistants to self-driving cars, and emphasized the importance of continued research and development in this field.

He addressed concerns about the potential negative impacts of AI and advocated for responsible AI development, including considerations for ethics and bias.

Most inspiring to me, Gates discussed some of the exciting possibilities for the future of AI, including advances in healthcare and education.

In the business of law, sure, AI brings ethical, IP, and other concerns. Lawyers will be called on to champion the rights of those adversely effected by AI.

Bigger than the concerns, AI means exciting possibilities in the law.

Especially when it comes to access to legal services.

We have eighty to ninety per cent of the people in this country who have no access to the law. Middle and upper middle class included. Consumers and small businesses.

The law permeates all we do and gives effect to our rights and responsibilities. We need to be able to use it.

Already consumers and small business people can go to AI and get the information they need on legal matters and the procedures they need to follow. May a step by step guide. Maybe a sample email or letter.

Lawyers are already doing the same, meaning they can do more in less time.

As applications of AI advance, we’re going to be amazed how they average person can give effect to the law, when the need arises.

Lawyers will be doing only things that require a lawyer and be doing this work for more people. Tasks ranging from emails to transactions to pleadings will take a fraction of the time. Perhaps resulting in lower costs for individual clients, while handling more matters.

It’s easy to criticize AI, still in its very infancy, for being inaccurate at times. For consumers and small business people, they’ll take it. If something is 90% accurate, that’s a lot more than they get when they can not afford a lawyer.

Gates says,

I’m lucky to have been involved with the PC revolution and the Internet revolution. I’m just as excited about this moment. This new technology can help people everywhere improve their lives. At the same time, the world needs to establish the rules of the road so that any downsides of artificial intelligence are far outweighed by its benefits, and so that everyone can enjoy those benefits no matter where they live or how much money they have. The Age of AI is filled with opportunities and responsibilities.

He couldn’t have said it any better for legal – responsibilities and opportunities.