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By Kevin O'Keefe, LexBlog CEO & Founder

Lawmakers Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to Draft Bills.

February 15, 2023

Governing, which provides news, analysis and insights for the professionals leading America’s states and localities. reports Lawmakers are using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to draft bills.

In Massachusetts, a legislator used ChatGPT, earlier this month, to help craft a bill aimed to regulate generative artificial intelligence.

In the novel case of the Massachusetts legislation, SD 1827, the AI chatbot helped draft more than half of the bill, according to Sen. Barry Finegold. However, it had some limitations.

“ChatGPT got us 70 percent of what we needed when we wanted to draft this bill, but it didn’t get us all the way,” Finegold said, adding that it was not unlike the limitations facing autonomous vehicles in the snow.

“Recently, up here in Boston, we got a lot of snow, and it’s like autonomous vehicles,” Finegold said. “It’s great when the streets are dry, but autonomous vehicles don’t really work when it snows.””

Though there were a few “minor issues,” such as GPT not knowing how to format the bill within the style of the Massachusetts General Laws, GPT contributed various original ideas to the bill.

Per a spokesperson from Sen. Finegold’s office,

It defined a key term, expanded on what the core operating standards of generative AI models should be, and clarified the process for registering with the attorney general’s office.

New ideas are apparently in the works, including letting the public draft legislation for submission to legislators.