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By Kevin O'Keefe, LexBlog CEO & Founder

Consumers and Businesses Will Turn to AI for Law Firm Recommendations

February 28, 2023

Businesses and consumers will be selecting lawyers and law firms based on AI recommmendations.

As reported by Laurie Sullivan of MediaPost, already 11.5% of people would buy an AI recommended product. 11.5% in just six weeks.

Look at other data, you can see where we are headed. 77.5% of users who tried ChatGPT use it repeatedly.

People are beginning to turn to ChatGPT, still in its very early days, just like they turned to the the Web, Google and Wikipedia for research in their early days.

For context, large law firms questioned why they needed a website in the late 1990’s and some, even in 2000. Today, such firms spend upwards of a milllion dollars a year or more for their Internet presence and for drawing traffic to their web properties.

Everyone thought Google was silly and was no place to go for research and recommendations on lawyers.

Now lawyers go to Google for reasearch while working on corporate and consumer legal matters. Consumers of legal services – corporate and consumers – use Google when reaserching a legal hire.

Amazing at this early stage of AI is that already, 70.6% see AI answers as credible while only 29.4% did not.

With Microsoft Bing and Google Search pouring billions into AI and Chat, you can expect usage and trust for AI research to grow – signifificantly.

It’s not whether AI will be used in selecting lawyers and law firms, it’s really only a question of just how much better AI may be in this reasearch than the resources being used by consumers and businesses of legal services today, today.