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By Kevin O'Keefe, LexBlog CEO & Founder

AI Brewed Perfection, ChatGPT’s Recipe For a Hazy Pale Hale

February 21, 2023

Now we’re talking, AI generated beer.

Curtis Blandy of the Victoria Buzz reports Whistle Buoy Brewing Company used AI to come up with the recipe for their latest beer.

And of course, it’s the perfect beer to accompany our creative work.

“‘Robo Beer’ is a hazy pale ale created by ChatGPT, an AI that is meant to be used for improving content creation in a user-friendly way. Since it went viral on the internet, ChatGPT has been used for writing songs, kids books and now, beer recipes.”

The brewery had been using OpenAI’s ChatGPT since last year to “write things like product descriptions for our website, social media captions, or dumb jokes about beer.”

Whistle Buoy took it a step further and asked it to write a beer recipe for a hazy pale ale. Ten seconds later there was a ful recipe that made sense.

Blandy reports that though the Whistle Buoy team is admittedly “becoming increasingly lazy,” with AI generating its marketing and beer recipes, the brewery’s humans remain plenty involved.

“We can’t give AI all the credit though, us humans were required to collaborate with the powerful machines to steer the product in the right direction and because we still have useful things like hands, judgment, and empathy.”

Nice story. Beer and writing, two joys of mine blend inicely .

Use the machines to help us – maybe enable us. We’ll still use our passion, judgment, care, and empathy in writing.

If you’re in Victoria (only 75 miles for me), you can enjoy a some Robo Beer, now available on tap in Whistle Buoy Brewing Company’s Market Square taproom.

For the rest of you, cans can be bought through their online store.